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Pompeo Launches Panel on ‚Unalienable Rights‘ to Guide U.S. Foreign Policy

Secretary of State Michael Pompeo on Monday launched a commission on „unalienable rights“ that will help the State Department determine what it considers a universal human right when deciding to commit American support.

Trump Congratulates U.S. Women’s Soccer Team on Winning the World Cup

President Trump congratulated the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team for winning the World Cup against the Netherlands in a tweet on Sunday.

‚Salute to America‘ Attendees Say the Long Wait, Heavy Rain Was Worth It

Thousands of people trekked to the National Mall on Thursday to witness the „Salute to America“ celebration.

President Trump Notes ‚Great Crowd‘ at Salute to America

President Donald Trump noted the „great crowd“ that attended the Salute to America celebration honoring the United States military on the Fourth of July.

Trump’s ‚Salute to America‘ Featured Seven Military Flyovers, Army Bands, Marine Corps Silent Drill Team

„Salute to America“ recognized American military and civilian heroes, celebrated America’s birth and history, and featured military flyovers.

Watch Live: Trump Hosts ‚Salute to America‘ – A Tribute to U.S. Military

Trump is hosting „Salute to America,“ which will feature military flyovers, musical performances, and a speech by the president.

Two Tanks in Capitol Trigger Mass Freakout Among Trump Critics

Trump’s critics spent much of this week handwringing over his request to put two tanks on the Mall as part of his Fourth of July extravaganza.

Marianne Williamson Calls Trump’s July 4th Event ‚Heartbreaking,‘ Will Host ‚True Celebration‘ Livestream

Williamson called President Trump’s July 4th tribute to the military „heartbreaking“ and „repugnant“ in a tweet on Wednesday.

Trump Congratulates Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher on Not Guilty Ruling

President Trump on Wednesday congratulated Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher and his family on Tuesday’s military court ruling he is not guilty of murdering a wounded Islamic State fighter.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Has Twitter Tantrum over 2020 Dems‘ Positions: ‚Y’All Be Y’All and Lose‘

Scarborough on Tuesday scolded the 2020 Democrats for taking leftist positions, arguing they would lose to Trump.