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NYTimes: Catholic Church Lost Italy Because Pope Francis Is Not Political Enough

The New York Times has lamented Pope Francis’ “retreat from culture-war politics,” suggesting that his alleged absence from political debates has led to Italian Catholics’ embrace of Matteo Salvini and his populist Lega party.

Italy and Slovenia Initiate Joint Border Patrols to Curb Illegal Immigration

Italy and Slovenia have begun a joint patrol service along the 200 kilometers of shared border between the two nations in an attempt to stem the flow of illegal arrivals into Italy.

France Blasts ‘Hysterical’ Migrant Policy of Italy’s Salvini

French government spokeswoman Sibeth Ndiaye said on Tuesday that the behavior of Italian interior minister Matteo Salvini on migration issues was “unacceptable” in reference to the recent confrontation with the Sea-Watch NGO.

Report: Antifa Made up of ‘Privileged White Dudes’

Antifa bullies cover their faces partly to conceal the mostly white constituency of the organization, which has its roots in the far left of the English punk scene in the 1980s, a new report asserts.

UK Headmistress Suspends Two 10-Year-Olds for ‘Homophobia’

The headteacher of Heavers Farm Primary School in South London suspended two 10-year-old Christian children after one of them asked for permission not to participate in an LGBT lesson during “Gay Pride Month.”

Pope Francis to Celebrate ‘Mass for Migrants’ in Vatican

Pope Francis will celebrate a “Mass for Migrants” on Monday July 8 to commemorate the sixth anniversary of his visit to Lampedusa in 2013.

New Jersey Catholic Church Celebrates LGBT ‘Pride Mass’

Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church in Hoboken celebrated a special “Pride Mass” on Sunday, highlighting a growing rift among the Catholic community over homosexuality.

Pope Francis Lauds Trump-Kim Meeting as Example of ‘Culture of Encounter’

Pope Francis showcased the surprise meeting between Donald Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un as an example of the “culture of encounter” that he has often touted.

Activist Bishop Escorts Migrants Across U.S. Border from Mexico

The bishop of El Paso, Texas, personally escorted a group of seven Latin American migrants who had previously been denied asylum in the United States across the border into the U.S. on Thursday, reports say.

Salvini’s Popularity Soars Amidst Sea-Watch Migrant Controversy

Matteo Salvini’s hardline approach to a Dutch migrant vessel’s efforts to storm an Italian port has done nothing but raise his capital in the eyes of the Italian people, who elected him to curb illegal immigration.