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Macron Looking for ‘Any Excuse’ to Get Rid of U.S., Build ‘Walter Mitty EU Army’, Says Farage

Nigel Farage criticised Emmanuel Macron for claiming that NATO is suffering „brain death“ because the U.S. is „turning its back on [Europe]“, saying the French president is looking for „any excuse“ to build his own „Walter Mitty“ EU army.

Animal Rights Extremists Verbally Abuse Blind Men for Having Guide Dogs

Animal rights extremists have verbally abused blind people for having guide dogs, claiming the labradors should be „running free in the fields“.

Conservatives Could Win 96-Seat Majority, Labour Losing Working Class to Brexit Party

The Conservative Party could win a 96-seat majority in the House of Commons in December 12th’s general election, according to a polling prediction by Electoral Calculus.

Ten Days to Seal a Deal: Farage Calls on Boris to Drop Treaty Clauses that Trap UK in EU

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has said that he hopes Boris Johnson changes his mind on forming a Leave Alliance and called on the prime minister to drop two aspects of the EU-approved withdrawal treaty that could lock the UK in the EU post-Brexit.

Just One in Five Britons Say Bible Is Relevant to Them

Fewer than one in five people, 18 per cent, in England and Wales say that the Bible is relevant to them, as the number of those professing a Christian faith continues to fall.

Corbyn Refuses to Rule out Cancelling Brexit as Price for Power-Sharing with Liberal Democrats

Jeremy Corbyn has refused to rule out backing the cancellation of Brexit as a price for powersharing with the Liberal Democrats.

Farage Vows to ‚Hurt Labour in the Most Extraordinary Way’

Nigel Farage has said that his Brexit Party will „hurt the Labour Party in the most extraordinary way“ in the December 12th General Election.

London Mayor Khan Open to Decriminalising Cannabis to Cut Crime

Sadiq Khan has signalled that he is open to decriminalising cannabis possession, calling for an „evidence-based conversation“ about the drug.

Farage: Boris Deal Is ‘Remainer’s Brexit’ Where UK Will ‘Never Be Free from EU Rules’

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has warned that Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s exit treaty is a „Remainer’s Brexit“, and if Parliament passes it, the UK will „never be free from EU rules“.

Farage Will Not Stand as MP, Will ‘Serve the Cause’ Supporting Brexit Party Candidates

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage revealed he would not be standing as a Parliamentary candidate in December’s snap election. Instead, he will be devoting his time to „serve the cause“ by supporting his party nominees across Great Britain.