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Americans Who Started ‚F**k Trump‘ Chant in France: ‚I’m Embarrassed to be American‘

The American soccer fan who started the „F**k Trump“ chant in a French sports bar after the U.S. Women’s National Team won the Women’s World Cup on Sunday, said he is „embarrassed to be American.“

Gay Pride Flag Set Afire Outside New York Gay Bar

A gay pride rainbow flag was set aflame outside a New York gay bar for the second time this year. The incident occurred outside the Alibi Lounge on Monday morning, according to the bar’s owner, Alexi Minko.

WATCH: Crowd in French Sports Bar Chants ‚F*ck Trump!‘ During Fox News World Cup Segment

A crowd in a French sports bar broke out in a chant of „F-Trump“ as Fox News reported the news of the U.S. Women’s World Cup win.

Crowd Chants ‚Equal Pay‘ After U.S. Women’s Team Wins World Cup

Chants of „equal pay“ were heard reverberating through the stadium as the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team beat the Netherlands 2-0 to win the 2020 FIFA Women’s World Cup Sunday.

Michelle Obama Claims People Dismiss Presidency After Barack: ‚If a Black Guy Can Do It, Anybody Can‘

In an interview, former first lady Michelle Obama insisted that Americans dismiss the U.S. presidency because a black man was in the office.

#DumpStarbucks Gains Steam After AZ Store Kicks Out Police Officers

The hashtag #DumpStarbucks has gained steam on social media after a Tempe, Arizona, location kicked a group of police officers out of the store last week. As Breitbart News reported, the Tempe Officers Association tweeted out its dismay on July

Dodgers and Padres Unfazed by 7.1 Earthquake that Rocked Dodger Stadium

Dodger Stadium was one of the landmark structures rocked by the 7.1 measured earthquake that hit Southern California on Friday. Folks in the stands were surprised when the quake hit during the bottom of the fourth inning, but the players on the field d…

Starbucks Ejects Uniformed Police Officers After Customer ‘Didn’t Feel Safe’

A Tempe, Arizona, Starbucks ejected a group of six uniformed police officers because one customer complained to the management.

Watch: Country Star Kane Brown Dedicates Emotional ‘Home Sick’ Music Video to Military Families

Country star Kane Brown has dedicated his single, „Homesick,“ to military families because he believes they truly understand and can deeply relate to its lyrics about being far away from loved ones.

Human Rights Activists Demand Nicki Minaj Quit Concert in ‚Repressive‘ Saudi Arabia

Human rights activists are slamming rapper Nicki Minaj for promoting LBGTQ rights one month and then headlining a concert held in the anti-gay Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the next.