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NBC News: ‚Growing Number‘ of Pregnant Migrants Waiting to Deliver Anchor Babies in U.S.

A „growing number“ of pregnant migrants from across Central America are waiting in Mexico as they hope to deliver their babies in the United States to secure them birthright citizenship, NBC News reports.

Hispanic Caucus: ‚Trump’s Fear-Mongering‘ Causing Illegal Aliens to Cancel Abortions

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus is attacking President Donald Trump, blaming him for „fear-mongering“ that is causing illegal alien women to cancel their abortions.

2020 Democrats Go All In on Amnesty for DACA Illegal Aliens: Must ‚Make Them U.S. Citizens‘

Juni 27, 2019No Comments

Democrat presidential primary candidates went all in on amnesty and American citizenship for millions of illegal aliens who are eligible and enrolled in former President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. 

George Lopez Demands ICE Deport Trump’s ‚Anchor Baby‘ Children

Juni 23, 2019No Comments

Actor and comedian George Lopez called on Immigration and Customs Enforcement deport President Donald Trump’s children, falsely suggesting that as the offspring of legal immigrants they qualified as „anchor babies.“ 

Data: Average of 124K Anchor Babies Born in U.S. This Year So Far

An average of about 124,000 children of illegal aliens, commonly referred to as „anchor babies,“ have been born in the United States this year thus far, analysis of Census Bureau data concludes.

Pregnant Middle Eastern Women Delivering ‚Anchor Babies‘ in Chicago

Pregnant Middle Eastern women are taking advantage of the United States‘ policy that gives foreign nationals the ability to secure American citizenship for their children so long as they are born within the parameters of the country.

Los Angeles Times: Border Agencies Return Pregnant Migrants to Mexico

Mai 21, 2019No Comments

The Los Angeles Times described how President Donald Trump’s „Remain in Mexico“ policy is reducing the ability of adventurous migrants to give birth in the United States.

Catch and Release, Birthright Citizenship, Sanctuary Cities Continue Unaltered Despite Trump Opposition

März 4, 2019No Comments

The Catch and Release program, birthright citizenship for the U.S.-born children of illegal aliens, and sanctuary cities have continued operating, unaltered, despite repeated opposition from President Trump.

Number of Anchor Babies in 10 States More Than 4X Boston Population

Februar 11, 2019No Comments

The number of United States-born children of illegal aliens in ten states is more than four times the total population of Boston, Massachusettes, data reveals.

California: 20 Accused of Selling Birthright Citizenship to Pregnant Foreigners

Februar 1, 2019No Comments

A total of 20 individuals were arrested by federal authorities on Thursday after being accused of operating „birth tourism“ businesses which essentially sold birthright American citizenship to pregnant Chinese women looking to permanently stay in the U…