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U.S. Firefighters Give up Christmas at Home and Get to Work Down Under

Dezember 8, 2019No Comments

A team of 21 specialist U.S. firefighters arrived in Australia on Friday to help fight the massive bush fires now ravaging vast areas of the country.

Tories Would Introduce Australia-Style Immigration System

The Conservatives have said that they will introduce a points-based, Australia-style immigration system if they win the December 12th General Election.

China Ramps Up Rare Earth Production to Maintain Its Global Chokehold

November 26, 2019No Comments

President Trump’s stand against China’s trade practices includes ending the Communist regime’s dominance of the rare earth market.

Qantas Airline Backs Legal Action Against Singer over Racism Allegations

November 18, 2019No Comments

Australia’s Qantas on Monday rejected accusations of in-flight racism from US performer, with the airline saying it would back legal action against the Black Eyed Peas frontman.

Australian Lawmakers Reject China’s Demand to ‚Repent‘ for Criticism of Communist Party

November 17, 2019No Comments

Two members of Australia’s conservative coalition government have rejected Beijing’s demand they „repent“ for their criticism of the Chinese Communist Party.

China Bans Australian Senator Critical of Hong Kong Repression, Concentration Camps

PERTH, Australia (AP) – An outspoken Australian parliamentarian said Saturday that he and a colleague have been barred entry to China for a study trip, a development he said was concerning.

VIDEO: Woman Covered in Tattoos Says She Went Blind After Having Eyes Inked Blue

November 5, 2019No Comments

An Australian woman with 200 tattoos said she went blind for three weeks after having her eyeballs inked blue.

Police Find Millions Worth of Meth in Nearly 800 Sriracha Sauce Bottles

Police in Australia made a sizzling hot bust after they seized millions of dollars worth of methamphetamine in nearly 800 sriracha sauce bottles.

Australia Proposes Facial Recognition Requirement to View Internet Porn

Oktober 29, 2019No Comments

The Australian government is reportedly proposing the use of facial recognition technology to verify the age of those who seek to watch pornography online.

Australian Home Minister: Nation Will ‚Call Out‘ Chinese Communist War on Free Speech

Oktober 13, 2019No Comments

Australia’s Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton said on Friday that he and other officials will “call out” China for “foreign interference in universities” and cyberattacks used to steal intellectual properties.