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Texas Sheriff Under Fire After News Outlet Mistake on Illegal Immigration Comments

Oktober 12, 2019No Comments

A Texas sheriff is drawing fire for comments he made in Washington, DC, earlier this week regarding repeat offender drunk drivers who are illegally present in the United States. A Texas media outlet took his comments out of context, the sheriff said. T…

ICE Arrests Alien Parolees at Texas Community Service Event

März 27, 2017No Comments

A group of criminal aliens showed up to a Tarrant County, Texas, work release program and were surprised they were getting arrested instead of getting a job. When they arrived at the county facility, immigration officers took the allegedly undocumente…

Texas Sheriff Dupes Allies With Fake ‘Sanctuary’ Protection Policy

Februar 22, 2017No Comments

Deportation Protest in Harris County
HOUSTON, Texas – The Harris County sheriff pulled a head fake on his criminal alien sanctuary supporters when he ended the immigration 287(g) program, but did not change any policy affecting how prisoners are handed over to federal agents.