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Wide Receiver from Kaepernick Workout Gets NFL Deal, Still No Interest in Kaepernick

Jordan Veasy, the young football hopeful who help Colin Kaepernick with his November workout has gotten his own NFL deal, it was announced on Wednesday.

Injury-Plagued Detroit Lions Snub Kaepernick, Sign 2 Young QBs Instead

Despite suffering the loss of multiple quarterbacks, the Detroit Lions declined to sign national anthem protester Colin Kaepernick and opted to sign two younger players instead.

Former NFL Player, Congressional Candidate Calls Kaepernick ‚A National Disgrace‘

A former NFL player who is running for congress, isn’t a fan of original anthem protester Colin Kaepernick.

Kaepernick Blasts ‚US Government‘ for Stealing from ‚Indigenous People‘ at ‚Unthanksgiving Day‘ Ceremony

November 29, 2019No Comments

Colin Kaepernick celebrated „Unthanksgiving Day“ by ripping the „US government“ for having „stolen“ over a „billion acres“ from indigenous people, during an annual ceremony held in San Francisco, California, Thursday.

Report: Wide Receiver at Colin Kaepernick’s Workout Gets NFL Audition, Still No Interest in Kaepernick

November 27, 2019No Comments

Well, it appears that someone from Colin Kaepernick’s highly-publicized workout two weeks ago will get an NFL tryout. However, the player getting a shot at joining an NFL club will not be Colin Kaepernick.

Report: Not a Single Team Has Called Colin Kaepernick Since Workout

November 24, 2019No Comments

Colin Kaepernick showcased his skills for NFL teams just over a week ago at a workout at a local Atlanta high school.

AUDIO: Robert Kraft Slammed Trump for ‚Divisive and Horrible‘ Rhetoric on Anthem Protests in 2017

TMZ Sports has obtained audio from 2017, that reportedly shows New England Patriots Owner Robert Kraft slamming President Donald Trump’s comments on the NFL anthem protests as „divisive and horrible.“

WATCH: Stephen A. Smith Goes Ballistic After Terrell Owens Questions His Blackness

ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith lost it after former 49er Terrell Owens claimed that Smith’s white co-host seemed“blacker“ than him.

Nike to Release Colin Kaepernick’s Signature Shoe in December

Nike is about to unveil its new Colin Kaepernick branded shoe just in time for Christmas, according to reports.

WATCH: Stephen A. Smith Fires Back at Kaepernick Critics: ‚I’m a Black Man You Idiots!‘

ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith is defending his criticism of former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s workout stunt last weekend.