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Berlin: Transwoman Gets Into Brawl After Assaulting Hijab-Wearing Woman

A video showing a transwoman attacking a woman wearing a hijab in Berlin has gone viral with claims that the attacker also comes from a migrant background.

France: Police Arrest Man for Desecrating Church with Islamic Qur’an Verses

Police in the French city of Toulouse have arrested a man in connection to a church desecration in which verses from the Islamic Qur’an were written on the walls of the church.

Nolte: Stephen King Proclaims ‚Diversity‘ for Thee but Not for Me

Januar 15, 2020No Comments

Because King is an artist, he doesn’t want to have to live under the oppressive rules he would have the rest of us live under.

Delingpole: University Pays Student Stasi to Inform on Classmates for ‘Microaggressions’

A British university is paying students to spy on their classmates and report them for any language they deem to be a teeny bit offensive.

Julian Castro: Elizabeth Warren Brought Diversity to Debate Stage in Iowa

Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julián Castro told reporters in the spin room after the Democrat debate at Drake University that Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) brought diversity to the debate stage.

Royals Feared Meghan Markle Would Brand Family ‚Racist and Sexist‘

Members of the royal household feared Prince Harry and wife Meghan would accuse the family of racism and sexism if the crisis created by their decision to abandon their public duties to pursue money-making ventures was not resolved to their satisfactio…

NYT: Mostly White, Male Late Night Hosts Slam Mostly White, Male Oscar Nominees

Januar 15, 2020No Comments

The New York Times called out the irony of TV’s left-wing late-night hosts complaining about the lack of diversity among this year’s Oscar nominees, pointing out that the hosts are also mostly white and male.

Left Cancels Stephen King for ‚Backward and Ignorant‘ Oscars Diversity Comments

Januar 14, 2020No Comments

Author and Trump hater Stephen King is feeling the heat from fellow liberals following his tweets about the Academy Award nominations, in which he said that quality is more important than diversity when it comes to creating works of art.

Democrat Candidate Deval Patrick Slams Debate Lack of Diversity

Democrat presidential candidate Deval Patrick slammed the lack of diversity among the 2020 Democratic field of candidates ahead of Tuesday night’s Democrat primary debate.

Migrants Accused of ‚Slow and Painful‘ Killing of 350 Sheep on English Farms

Three Romanian migrants are in court accused of killing some 350 sheep on farms across Northamptonshire in England’s East Midlands in 2019.